Getting Zohara Tights in Australia

So one day, I came across this photo…

…and so began a great e-journey to discover how I could purchase them and make them my own.

I discovered that these tights (“art on tights”) were a product of the fabulous Israeli tights company Zohara Tights. They launched in 2010 and present a really unique and good quality take on the whole statement-tight look. The company commissions artists to design work for their stockings, and whilst some of their designs are a bit *too* statement for me, I now own about three or four pairs of their tights and I love them all. Very good quality (you’ll be able to hand these down to your grandchildren) and definitely unique here in Australia.

Anyway, back to the tights in the picture above that I was originally chasing.

What I have discovered is that Zohara tights sell with many online (and in store) retailers around the world, and if you are after a particular pair from a past season (like those above), you basically need to do some top rate googling to discover whether they’re still available somewhere.

I could not find the tights above for love nor money as they were sold out everywhere, but I did manage to find the design in black and white, which I love. By the way, the text is just a quote from Wikipedia on love:

These are STUNNING. I get compliments on these every time I wear them. I ended up buying these at, who stock lots of Zohara Tights, and have a more user-friendly website than Zohara themselves. I also love the medium grey version of these tights.

I’ve also purchased these tights from Zohara, and I love them too:

Amazing that a gothic, New York streetscape can transfer on to a pair of tights, really. These city print grey and black tights are available here.

Anyway, after resigning myself to never finding that original pair, I was still very happy with my Zohara Tights finds.

But then…

An email from arrived in my inbox asking whether I would like to pre-order the Love Text Print Tights in Grey and Black. YES. Done. So my beloved tights are currently winging their way to me as we speak. I can’t wait to try them on!

I also ordered these Hebrew text tights:

Some more googling revealed that was also selling Zohara Tights (which is where I bought these tights above), as well as the black and white Love Text version that I so adore. Great service, too.

Zohara has just launched their latest collection, and as always, there is a lot to love. Check them out at or is also worth a look, particularly if you’re looking for pairs from past collections (at a good price!).

These tights are expensive, but they are super comfy, wash well, don’t sag or cut in at the waist, and last forever. Great investment.


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