Sickness Shopping

So I’ve got a cold. Which means I’m whinging a lot, feeling sorry for myself, and browsing lots of online stores to try and cheer myself up. My first Hush purchases (sloppy jumper, tee, and joggers) are coming in to their own, so even though I’m miserable, I am undoubtedly warm. I wore the jumper and tee out for breakfast this morning with my Asos skinny jeans and some brown boots, and I think it’s safe to say that I looked a lot better than I felt. Those jeans are fab too. Nice to sit and eat breakfast in a pair of jeans that don’t cut into your tum when you sit down.

Continuing with this theme, I’ve made a second Hush purchase:

I always swore that I would not buy in to the leggings trend (I can remember them the first time around. They weren’t great) but here we are. The model makes them look so good that I couldn’t resist.  So, I purchased the leggings, another tee, and a fine knit jumper. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I love the quality and style of each piece, and wearing truly warm clothes means that I don’t turn the heat on as often. I’m also tempted by this waterfall cardigan, but I don’t suppose even I will be that cold during spring.

Now I’m seriously tempted to buy some Hollister jeans. Style on the Couch swears by the cut and she has great taste in all things. I love the look of these medium wash skinny jeans and these dark wash flared jeans (though I could live without the paint effect). Anyway, let’s see how low this cold can go. These may be the purchases of my future!



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