Comfort Food

I’m not much of a chef.

I hate the clean-up that comes with cooking, and I find being in the kitchen tedious unless I’m preparing a gin and tonic. But, what I have learned over the years is that if you can prepare yourself a few delicious things, your quality of life improves.

I really felt like some comfort food this evening. Salad, no matter how tasty, doesn’t really cut it when you have a cold. So I went to one of my favourite food blogs, Easy as Vegan Pie, and decided to wizz up some pesto and hommous. Both were much more delicious than the photos suggest. I added extra garlic to both for more germ-fighting power (hopefully).

I just slathered the pesto on thick, multigrain toast, and it was awesome.

I went the traditional route and served the hommous with carrots. Probably the easiest way to get some veg in your life.

The best thing about these two is that they are easy to prepare, healthy, and delicious. If I can prepare them, anyone can.

Check out Easy as Vegan Pie for more easy to throw together ideas. Though it’s no longer being updated, it’s a great resource.


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2 Responses to Comfort Food

  1. Angela says:

    Okay, so reading this was not a good idea. I’M HUNGRY.

  2. Dempeaux says:

    @Angela Haha! I know the iphone pics are not great, but it was so good! So easy even I can make it! 🙂

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