Chrysalis Serum: banish dark circles forever

The above is clearly a stock photo, but it’s also a pretty good representation of what this serum did for my skin.

You really need to try it.

If you have issues with dark circles, dull skin, pigmentation, sun damage, or sagging skin, this is the serum for you.

The key ingredients are chrysin, vitamin K1, and retinol. Of course, as with all DIY serums, you can sub actives in or out that particularly appeal to you, but I think this particular combination of actives is really effective for treating, well, pretty much any issue that you have with your skin.

Here is the list of ingredients:


Chrysalis Serum

Chrysin 1%

Retinol 2%

Vitamin E 1%

Egg Lecithin 5%

Sclerotium gum @1%  2% (or use Polysorbate 80/ lecithin/ SEA Silk/ Granny D SEA Silk)

Borage oil 30%

Distilled H2O 21.75%

Dex Panthenol 3%

Vitamin K1 2%

Sea Emollient 29.5%

1N NaOH 2.25%

Phenoxyethanol 0.5%

You will also need citric acid to adjust the pH and a blender to blend everything together. I just use the magic bullet I use for my sunscreen. Use pH strips or a meter to test the pH of the serum.



1. Place the Distilled H2O, Sea Emollient, Dex Panthenol (B5), Vitamin E, and Retinol together and blend thoroughly.

2. Put 0.39 grams of NaOH (sodium hydroxide) and 10 mls of distilled water together in a glass or stainless steel container. Wait for it to cool down (and always handle with caution!) before taking a dropper and putting enough on the chrysin that it dissolves. Quickly add this to the water phase. The rest of the NaOH goes down the sink.

3. Adjust your serum to a PH of 6.3 using a few specks of citric acid at a time and blending thoroughly.

4. Place the water phase in to a warm water bath and slowly sprinkle in the egg lecithin while stirring. Blend everything together.

5. Warm the oils in the warm water and combine with the water phase, blending everything together.

6. Allow to cool before adding the Vitamin K1 and phenoxyethanol.

The Chrysalis Serum is what gives me a glow in the photo above. I am not wearing any base apart from a touch of concealer and my Rose Sunscreen. If your skin has been missing its glow, give this a try!


As always, I buy all my ingredients from Skin Essential Actives and they are also reponsible for this wonderful serum! Genius!



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4 Responses to Chrysalis Serum: banish dark circles forever

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  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Sarah, you are looking fabulous. When you go into production I will buy all your products. I am far too lazy to make anything that has more than 4 ingredients but so glad that others don’t feel the same.

  3. Dempeaux says:

    Hi Lisa! You are very kind. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Nigel says:

    Hi Dempeaux,
    I really appreciate the wealth of information that you present on your site. I am looking to try make some of the serums but it seems that Skin Essential Actives is no longer in business. Can you recommend an alternate source of ingredients?

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