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Some time ago I ordered some Mario Badescu products from  For information on the website and shipping, go to my original post here.  If you’re looking to buy single Mario Badescu products, you may do better looking on Ebay for competitive prices, but if you want two or more products, I would recomment ordering through for the best price.  Listed below are my thoughts on each of the products in my order, as well as the price I paid or them in USD.

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Glycolic Foaming Cleanser $15: This lathers up really well, and (strangely) smells a bit like washing up detergent.  Twice a week I use this instead of my Cetaphil cleanser after I’ve taken all of my makeup off for a really deep clean tht doesn’t leave my skin stripped (1 – 2 times per week for dry skin, 2 – 3 times per week for oily skin).  It’s also an exfoliant, so if you’re feeling tired but it’s really time to exfoliate, you can reach for this and skip a step in your routine. I really love this product as it brightens up my face, makes my skin smooth, and after I use it and makes my moisturiser and vitamin c serum melt into my skin.  This would be great for all skin types.

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Normalising Mask with Cotton Milk $25: This mask is both moisturising and exfoliating (how do they do both?) so it leaves your skin feeling really gorgeous.  There is some heat generated with when this mask is on your face and when you’re about to wash it off, which allows for deeper penetration of moisture from the mask.

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Summer Shine Body Lotion $10: This has a weird, fake coconut smell, but fortunately it disappears after about 15 minutes.  The sparkles are not that obvious, but are probably meant for someone younger than me.  A decent light moisturiser that is great in summer.

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Formula 200 Body Lotion $10: A lotion that doesn’t really smell much at all, so good to wear with your favourite fragrance.  This absorbs in really quickly and provides more hydration for your body than you’d expect from a body lotion.  This is another lotion that’s great to wear through summer days.

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Acne Facial Cleanser (free gift with purchase): This is a good cleanser for acne prone skin, but I don’t think I suffer from acne enough for it to be worthwhile.  It leaves my skin feeling very clean, but so does the Glycolic Cleanser, and that one exfoliates too.

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Citrus Body Cleanser $10: I’m so surprised that more people haven’t raved about this body wash.  The scent is the most gorgeous citrus smell to envelop you in the morning, and on top of that the wash itself is both exfoliating and moisturising.  Infact, in a pinch you could probably get away without applying a moisturiser.  This is what I think Lush should have been.

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Buffering Lotion $17: This is for cystic, erupted, or normal pimples.  Just shake the bottle vigourously and apply this liquid to each problem area before bed.  This product both greatly reduces the pimple and promotes healing, so it’s a fantastic ‘cure’ for breakouts.  It’s only for use every other day though.

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Drying Cream $12: This is to get rid of small, cystic pimples.  I have a big problem with these on my cheeks, but after rubbing this cream on every night before bed, after three days they had virtually disappeared.  They say you can use this as a concealer under makeup, but I haven’t tried for fear of my makeup doing something I didn’t expect it to do.  The smell is a bit sulfur-y, but nothing too unbearable or that’s going to stop you sleeping.  At any rate, applying it an night cleared those annoying little bumps on my cheeks right up.

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Seaweed Night Cream $20: This is a great product too.  Seaweed Night Cream soaks right in and makes my skin feel good in the morning, however, with my continued use of a vitamin c serum (which causes a little dryness) and the harsh Australian summer, I still need my Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Serum around my eyes and on my neck.  For people without either of these things to contend with, I think this would be a great night cream on its own.  I’m thinking of upgrading to a richer cream, but don’t want anything that’s too rich for the rest of my face.  We shall see. What I do know is, after I cleanse at night, apply my vitamin c serum, seaweed night cream, and Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Serum under my eyes and on my neck, my face is completely wrinkle-free and plumped in the morning.

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Drying Mask $18: This is fantastic for neutralising breakouts before they take off.  It does have a really strong sulfurous smell though, so be warned!  It is effective though.  I only apply it to the areas that are oily or breaking out (t-zone usually) and this draws out all the oil and significantly reduces the breakout.  I’ve heard that the Mario Badescu Healing Cream is fantastic to apply straight after this, but at the moment I’m just applying my regular moisturiser and Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Serum.  This is quite drying, so you’ll need a decent moisturiser after this.

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