Makeup Purchased from Keri’s Blog Sale – Part 1

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I recently purchased a few items from a blog sale held by the utterly delightful Keri from  This post is labelled ‘Part 1’ as I have a few other goodies arriving in a separate package later.  I’m so happy with all the products I purchased from her, many of which are not available in Australia. Below are pictures and thoughts on the products:

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I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Chanel Eyeshadow Quadra Winter Nights for years, and happily it was worth the wait.  Shadow 2 is almost the same as my skin tone, so I use that as a base when I apply this quad.  Shadow 3 makes a great lid colour, then shadow 1 goes into the crease and outer lid.  Shadow 4 – a lovely greenish-black smokes up the ‘outer v’ and is a very safe way to wear colour.  It also doesn’t look too stark against fair skin (as Carbon sometimes tends to).  For added drama, take shadow 4 under the lower lash line and add even more colour to the ‘outer v’.  This creates a smokey eye that is very difficult to do badly – the colours are that flattering and easy to blend.

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The Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Smokey Eyes is now my new favourite smokey eyes palette.  The shadows are not as pigmented as other smokey eyes palettes, but with my fair skin I really like that.  Plus, I don’t have to place the shadow so carefully on my lid or start again if I apply too much.  With more pigmented shadows the danger of ending up like you’ve just been punched in both eyes is ever-present, but the Chanel Smokey Eyes Quad eliminates that danger.  This quad also doesn’t have the mysterious blue caste that so many smokey eyes quads have (and I’m not mad about that blue caste).  All of the colours blend really beautifully, and I love the shimmery (but grown up) nature of the shadows – perfect for night time. I never want to be without this.

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All of these blushes are going to get a lot of use from me.  The Orchid Rose and Rose Bronze blushes – both from Chanel – I’ve been trying to track down for some time now, and I’m pleased to report that they look even better than I thought they would.  Rose Bronze is the standout to me:  it’s a rosey-peachy-bronze that gives you a ‘glowy’ look and makes your skin look flawless.  I think this has replaced my beloved Chanel Narcisse as my favourite blush!  Orchid Rose is beautiful too, but is slightly deeper and not quite as ‘glowy’ as Rose Bronze, but still incredibly flattering to a huge range of skin tones.  Milani Luminous is a pinkish- peach with a gold sheen that will make any skin look naturally healthy.  It reminds me of Rose Bronze, but Rose Bronze has a superior formula that just melts into the skin, and lasts much longer than the Milani.  I think that Milani Luminous is still an outstanding product though, and is far superior in quality to many blushes that are much more expensive.

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These two were a gift from Keri (thankyou so much!), and I was excited about both these lipsticks.  I am delighted to have Chanel Flash Quartz: a beautiful pinkish-rose that is now a staple in my collection.  It’s the lipstick I put on when I’m not sure what to wear and I’m rushing out the door.  Staying power is magnificent, without being drying.

I have never tried any Dolce and Gabbanna makeup as it’s not sold in Australia or anywhere online that ships to Australia.  I love Dolce and Gabbana ‘The Lipstick’ Sheer Shine #130.  It’s a gorgeous coral red that complements my skintone perfectly.  The smell is exactly the same as the Rouge G lipsticks from Guerlain, but in my opinion the formula is slightly superior.  This is so comfortable to wear! This is the first red lipstick I’ve worn where I don’t need to compulsively be checking my reflection or applying lip balm.  I definitely want to try more from the Dolce and Gabbana range.

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