MAC Pigments – Some of my Favourites

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I’ve rediscovered my collection of MAC pigments.  Admittedly, they are bit annoying to use, as you have to unscrew each little jar and make sure you don’t get too much or too little on your brush, but the trade-off is in the way they blend and the finish you achieve.  They melt into each other and are so easy to blend.  I don’t think the shimmer is too over the top either, so I’ll happily wear these during the day, particularly during summer. With a primer underneath, they easily last all day and retain that gorgeous glow they have when you first apply them.

I would happily recommend all the pigment shades above, and remember that Vanilla, Blonde’s Gold, and Pink Opal can be used as a lovely cheek highlight as well.  Naked makes a great base for other pigments or shadows too.  Heritage Rouge is my favourite for girls with blue or green eyes, and Blonde’s Gold goes particularly well on the cheek with some bronzer in summer.  These shades are also an understated way to add some drama to a neutral eye.

If you don’t want to pay for a whole jar, you can buy samples very inexpensively from places like and Both companies ship worldwide and have very reasonable rates.

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